Save the Date! We're cooking up a special treat for fans of the Mindful Mark!

Deepening the Well of Practice

Mindful Play and Replenishment

Coming 5-8 October 2018, a special long weekend in the beautiful Driftless region of Northwestern Illinois. 

Expand your horizons with plenty of playful exploration, combined with guided contemplative practice, community meals and music and growing and renewing friendships.

Join Peter Fraterdeus and other special teachers for three days of Making a Mindful Mark.

With our opening circle on Friday evening, we'll consider the inner vision which will guide our weekend's explorations. As we retire for the evening, each will be asked to consider that specific state-of-being in which they would like to grow stronger, that we'd like to walk in. 

Saturday morning, choose to join our meditation or yoga before breakfast, or walk the Labryinth on Sinsinawa's beautiful grounds.

Our practice of the Mindful Mark begins with identifying the state-of-being word, symbol or ideogram which represents our vision. Choosing one or more 'physical' forms, we will learn how to examine its facets, explore its negative and positive aspects, find its rhythms and make them our own.  

During the day, we'll have demonstration and experiment with expressive shodo, calligraphy, breath and balance exercises, sacred geometry, dharma arts, and other practices, as well as time for walking, community and relaxation.

After Saturday evening's circle, we'll again consider a state-of-mind, but this will be one we hope to grow beyond, which needs transformation...

Sunday's practice will then develop the pathway of transmutation through our mindful mark-making and other explorations.

We continue our practice through the day, as before. Sunday's dinner and circle will feature a special performance or film (TBA)

Monday morning after breakfast we'll have our closing circle, a couple more hours to wrap up projects, and finish our cleaning up before lunch.

The venue is the historic Sinsinawa Mound Retreat Center, run by the Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters. With room and board included, we'll be able to work into the wee hours, or get up early for yoga, zen practice, sun salutations or a contemplative walk through the labyrinth on the beautiful grounds.

The Center is a project of the Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters, located on  Sinsinawa Mound in the rolling countryside midway between Galena Illinois and Dubuque Iowa. (https://www.sinsinawa.org/MoundCenter/ )

Please save the dates, October 5-8, 2018!

A full roster of instructors and details of the program are to be announced later this summer.
Please contact Peter at "info+2018@semiotx.com" to receive updates! 

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